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Flexible M12 cabling and connector solutions


The Harting product range supports the most popular M12 industry standard coding options including A-code for sensor, DeviceNet and power cabling, B-code for PROFIBUS, D-code for 10/100 Mbit/s and X-code for 1/10 Gbit/s Ethernet and L-code for 63 V DC power systems carrying either 12 or 16 Amps in applications including DC servomotors and drives, servo actuator valves and power supplies for sensor I/O modules.

For rapid on-site field termination in tight spaces or trunking drag-through applications, Harting also offers the repeatable, fault-limiting preLink IDC termination system, assembled using a double-jaw hand press tool.

Cable connectors are available in either crimp termination styles, normally preferred for high-vibration environments such as on-train installations, or hand-tightened HARAX IDC termination for low-vibration applications. They are also provided in slim-design housings for high-density installations in either straight or angled cable entry male or female versions. The slim-design parts are available in crimp termination for A, D and X-coded mating designs.

Harting is one of the few suppliers offering M12 PushPull mating slim-design cable connectors, which allow the highest possible M12 mating density for fixing to appropriate high-port-density Ethernet switches or sensor/actuator I/O modules. Such parts offer the added feature of simple tactile handling which provides audible feedback on mating. Where panel mounted PushPull mating parts are not fitted on such devices, Harting can provide suitable PushPull to threaded M12 adapters, allowing existing installations to benefit from the improved PushPull handling features.

PushPull panel feed-through D and X-coded female cable connectors are now available which are backwards mating compatible with the standard screw threaded mating M12 connectors. This gives users the option of continuing to use existing screw threaded styles, as well as upgrading to new M12 connectors with PushPull locking.

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