Phoenix Contact is expanding its range of angled PCB terminal blocks with Push-in connection.

The new SPTA-THR 1,5 PCB terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are made of heat-resistant plastic and are therefore suitable for automatic assembly using the reflow soldering process. Thanks to its conductor exit angle of 45°, the product family with Push-in connection enables multi-row arrangement on the PCB.

The PCB terminal blocks are available with pitches of 3.81 mm and 5.08 mm and enable the connection of conductors with cross sections from 0.2 to 1.5 mm². The 2- to 12-position versions are designed for currents up to 13.5 A and voltages up to 320 V. The product design of the angled versions corresponds to the design of the horizontal and vertical SPT-THR 1,5 PCB terminal blocks, enabling device manufacturers to offer different connection solutions in a uniform look and feel.

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