AriesAries Electronics is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of interconnect products and Correct-A-Chip™ technology.

  • ZIF (Zero-Insertion-Force) Test Sockets for DIP, PGA, PLCC, and SOIC Devices
  • Correct-A-Chip™ Product Line of “Intelligent Connectors” – incorporating Passive and Active Components
  • Adapters – Connectors Using One Termination Style on Boards Designed for Different Styles
  • BGA (Ball Grid Array) and LGA (Land Grid Array) Sockets
  • High-Frequency (RF) Test and Burn-in Sockets

Dual In Line ZIF Sockets

10001 SocketUniversal ZIF Test sockets

Universal SOIC ZIF Test Socket

10015 Socket

Fusion Bonded Jumper Cable

Fusion Bonded JumperReady made jumper cable series152B

Staked Flex Jumpers

11015_sm_jumperSeries 171 thru 173 Flat Pin-Staked Flex Jumpers

Display Sockets

13003_socketVertisockets for displays

Correct a Chip IC Adapter Sockets

18011_sm_socketSOIC and SOJ-to-DIP Adapter

Correct a Chip Adapter

18007_sm_socketSOWI-to-SOIC Adapter series35W0000

Test Socket

24011_sm_socketHigh-Frequency Center Probe Test Socket for Devices up to 40mm Square

Correct a Chip Adapter Socket

12030_sm_socketRow-to-Row DIP Adapter Socket Series 1106396 and 1107254

Correct-a-Chip Adapters

Low-cost C-a-C photo 1Aries New Low-Cost Correct-a-Chip adapters for dual in line packages.

Aries Low Cost, Quick Turn QFP Prototyping Adaptor

Low-cost C-a-C photo 2

  • Mates common QFP packages to standard breadboard and breakout boards for rapid
  • and easy prototyping.

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