Connectors for the DC energy distribution of photovoltaic systems

For the Sunclix product series for photovoltaic systems from Phoenix Contact, there are now connectors with a crimp connection as well as Y distributor.

The new versions with a crimp connection are ideal for automated production processes. International approvals in accordance with IEC 62852 and UL 6703 meet the current and future requirements for the connector range.

Additional Y distributors are available for DC energy distribution. The weatherproof DC distributors route adjacent strings to the inverter with just one string cable. This saves users both time and money during installation. The distributors are available both with one pin and two socket contacts as well as with one socket and two pin contacts.

The DC distributors and crimp connectors are designed for currents up to 35 A (TÜV) and voltages up to 1500 V (TÜV). The crimp connectors are also UL-certified up to 50 A and 1500 V. Both series offer a high degree of protection in accordance with IP 65/66/67/68 (24h/2m).

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