Desco Europe
Desco Europe (Vermason)fromerly known as Vermason

Vermason are now a manufacturing partner of parent company Desco Europe. Desco continue to offer all the same products that Vermason always have.

Desco Europe are a leading manufacturer of ESD protection products including personnel grounding equipment, ESD floor and bench matting, anti static and shielded bags as well as wrist and footwear testers,wrist straps, coiled cords and much more.

ESD, if not contained or controlled, is a major cause of disruption and damage to microelectronic components which may result in catastrophic failure of the devices and assemblies into which they are incorporated.

ESD protection products

Vermason is a leading provider of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection products offering customers the complete ESD solution. Vermason offers a wide range of products:


ESD Packaging materials are ideal for ESD sensitive devices which require special packaging to protect them from electrostatic discharges whenever they are outside an ESD Protected Area.

Personnel Grounding

As it is impractical to prevent the generation of charges, it is essential to ground users working within an ESD Protected Area using Personnel Grounding products.

Benchware & Field Service

It is important that the correct Benchware & Field Service materials are used to avoid damage to sensitive devices.

Test Equipment

ESD protection systems need to be checked on a regular basis.

Handling & Storage

The ESD standard specifies that only groundable or antistatic tools and items serving to handle sensitive devices or their paperwork should enter an ESD Protected Area.

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