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Electrolube have been the leading supplier of contact lubricants since their invention by the founder in the 1950s. They increase the reliability and lifetime of current carrying metal interfaces, including switches, connectors and busbars.

Some of the most popular products in this category are featured below, the full range can be viewed in the brochure:

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CTG: Contact Treatment Grease


Key properties:

  • Excellent protection in corrosive environments
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Good electrical performance
  • Excellent plastics compatibility

CG80 Contact Grease

cg80Key Properties:

  • Excellent performance at high temperatures
  • Good electrical properties
  • Low evaporation weight loss
  • Contains a UV trace to allow easy inspection

    SGA: 2G Special Contact Grease

    sgaThe Electrolube number 2 range of contact lubricants were developed in response to a requirement for an effective treatment for all types of contacts, particularly in situations where extremes of temperature and environmental conditions are encountered. Correct application of the right grade will reduce contact resistance and arcing of contacts of all ratings from small relays to high capacity contactors.

    Key Properties:

    • Effective treatment for all types of contacts
    • Reduces contact resistance and arching of contacts form small relays to high capacity contactors
    • Will not migrate from vertical contacts or surfaces
    • Oil version available (SOA)

      SOB: Electrolube 2X Oil

      sobSOB (2X Oil) was developed as an extension of the No 2 Range (SGA and SOA) with increased plastics compatibility.

      Key Properties:

      • Improves contact performance by increasing effective contact area
      • Enhanced plastics compatibility; suitable for a range of plastics and rubbers (testing advised)
      • Highly stable synthetic material, fully inhibited against oxidisation and copper corrosion
      • Excellent penetration and cooling properties; prevents arcing, thus reduces contact wear
      • Developed due to the use of thermoplastics in the electronics and automotive industries.
      • Will significantly increase contact performance and lifetime by improving contact surface

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          Whether ready to order or in need of a quote,
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