encapsulation-resins-brochure-electrolubeEncapsulation Resins

Resin systems are designed to protect and insulate printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components from the threats of harsh and challenging environments, including; moisture, vibration, thermal or physical shock and general contamination. By encapsulating the entire device, resins can form a complete barrier against such environments offering superior performance under extreme conditions.

Some of the most popular products in this category are featured below, the full range can be viewed in the brochure:

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ER2188 Black Epoxy Resin

epoxyER2188 two part epoxy is a flame retardant, general purpose potting and encapsulating compound. Its a good all round resin offering a cost effective solution for a wide range of applications.

The system utilises a hardener free of DDM or other aromatic amines. The flame retardant technology used is of a ‘clean’ type leading to relatively low toxicity fumes and low smoke emission.

It exhibits excellent electrical properties and adhesion to a wide range of substrates while maintaining good chemical and water resistance.

Key properties:

  • General purpose epoxy resin
  • Cost effective solution
  • Good chemical and water resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • UL94 V-0 approved
  • RoSH-2 Compliant

ER2221 Thermally Conductive Epoxy

thermalER2221 resin has been formulated as high temperature resistant and thermally conductive potting compound which retains excellent characteristics throughout thermal cycling. ER2221 is coloured black, while ER2222 is a red version, otherwise the cured resins do not differ in their physical properties. Both exhibit excellent thermal resistance up to an operating temperature of 150°C and have an enhanced thermal conductivity value in comparison to other encapsulants of 1.20W/m.K.

Both resin systems are filled, but the viscosity of the mixed system is low in comparison to other resins with a similar filler loading. This allows the mixed resin to be easily mixed and can flow between components and devices with limited spacing.

ER2221 is an excellent choice for encapsulating an electronic device which requires high levels of thermal resistance and protection such as automotive, aerospace, industrial or other applications which are subject to harsh environments.

Key Properties:

  • Two component black epoxy resin
  • Excellent high temperature resistance up to 150°C
  • Enhanced thermal conductivity
  • Low viscosity for a filled system;
  • Does not contain abrasive fillers; low wear on dispensing machinery
  • UL94 V-0 Approval
  • RoSH-2 Compliant

    ER2223 High Temperature Resin

    hi-tempER2223 black epoxy resin has been specially formulated to meet the harsh operating conditions of under-hood applications in the automotive industry. It has excellent chemical resistance, including most fluids found in the engine compartment of vehicles or other mechanical applications offering superb protection to electronic components.

    With an exceptionally wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +180°C ER2223 is also suited to a variety of other electronics applications exhibiting good resistance to thermal cycling found in engine compartments. Its low viscosity allows for easy potting of the smallest or tightly packaged components.

    Key Properties:

    • Exceptionally wide operating temperature range
    • Highly chemical resistant
    • Low viscosity
    • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.
    • Designed to meet the needs of Automotive applications
    • RoHS-2 Compliant

      UR5044 Dark Blue

      dark-blueUR5044 is a UL94 approved two part Polyurethane resin system, which when cured has a dark blue finish. It is a high performance resin system for use in a range of potting and encapsulation applications.

      Its flexibility and its digoutable characteristics make it an ideal compound for use in prototype electronics, or potted units which may require rework or repair within their life cycle. Its excellent flexibility is maintained even at temperature extremes, and this combined with its other attributes makes it a good alternative to silicone resin systems.

      Key Properties:

      • Flame retardant, certified to UL94 V-0
      • Soft, re-workable resin
      • Flexible even at temperature extremes
      • Excellent low temperature performance to -70 °C
      • Ideal for prototype circuitry, silicone replacement, and control units
      • RoHS-2 Compliant

        UR5635 Light Diffusing Polyurethane Resin

        light-diffuseA two-part, semi-rigid polyurethane resin which has been formulated to have a light diffusing effect. Its cloudy appearance offers a unique light diffusion effect which has seen UR5635 used to great success as an LED resin for both decorative and protective applications.

        It exhibits superb water and weather resistance, as well as good resistance to acids and alkalis making it suitable for a wide range of environments and an extremely durable potting compound.

        It is also resistant to UV light making it especially useful as an outdoor LED encapsulant or for use in other applications where it may be exposed to direct sunlight.

        Key Properties:

        • Extremely durable.
        • Low viscosity system.
        • Hazy/cloudy white translucent appearance; ideal for dispersing light in LED applications.
        • 1:1 by volume mix ratio; aids ease of processing.
        • Does not contain IPDI; low hazard material.
        • High resistance to weather/UV, acids and alkalis, water and mould growth; suitable for a range of environments
        • RoHS-2 Compliant

        UR5604 Black Polyurethane Resin

        blackUR5604 is a two part, high performance, general purpose polyurethane potting and encapsulation resin. Its a good all round resin suitable for a huge range of applications.

        It maintains good flexibility, even at low temperatures, while its low viscosity once mixed makes the potting process quick and efficient.

        Key Properties:

        • General purpose polyurethane resin
        • UL94 V-0 approved
        • Good flexibility even at low temperatures
        • Low mixed system viscosity
        • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
        • RoHS-2 Compliant

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