maintenance-service-aids-brochure-electrolubeMaintenance and Service Aids

Electrolube manufactures a wide range of maintenance products to complement the major product groups. Whether used by OEMs or subcontractors, these products are supplied in convenient packaging, covering a wide range of applications and requirements.

Some of the most popular products in this category are featured below, the full range can be viewed in the brochure:

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EADH: Air Duster with low GWP

eadhElectrolube’s Air Duster aerosols of compressed gas are designed for the safe removal of dust and airborne contamination from very delicate or inaccessible areas of electrical and electronic equipment.

Key Properties:

  • Inert, pure compressed gas for dust removal
  • Environmentally friendly fluorinated propellant with low GWP
  • Safe for use on electrical and electronic equipment
  • Non-flammable

FREH: Freezer with low GWP

frehElectrolube Freezer, FREH, is a powerful non-corrosive refrigerant for use as a rapid and safe method of cooling small components, particularly in electrical and electronic equipment, and to detect faulty soldered joints and overheating components. FREH contains a non-flammable, fluorinated refrigerant that combines the low GWP (global warming potential) of hydrocarbons with the ulta-low MIR (maximum incremental reactivity) and POCP (photochemical ozone creation potential) of hydrofluorocarbons.

Key Properties:

  • Environmentally friendly fluorinated refrigerant with low GWP
  • Freezer spray for electronic fault finding
  • Non-flammable, cools down to -55°C
  • Prevents component damage from overheating during soldering.

    ULS Ultrasolve


    Ultrasolve Cleaning Solvent is a fast-drying solvent specially formulated for the quick and efficient cleaning of electrical equipment. It replaces CFC solvents such as 113 trichloroethane due to rapid cleaning and fast evaporation rates. Ultrasolve is 100% Ozone Friendly. A full range of cleaning solvents are available from Electrolube, including fast and slow drying solvents and water based products.

    Key Properties:

    • Excellent degreasing properties
    • Also removes flux residues form PCBs
    • Can be used to remove acrylic conformal coatings
    • Harmless to most plastics, rubbers and elastomers

      CPL: Clear Protective Lacquer

      cplCPL is a general purpose colourless coating designed to protect printed circuit boards from environmental attack. The high gloss properties of CPL also make it an ideal choice for over-coating applications where cosmetics are a contributing factor. It is also suited for protecting ferrous metals from corrosion. CPL can be applied by spray, dipped or brushed. For full details including resistant tests please refer to the TDS below and if you still require further information then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

      Key Properties:

      • General purpose coating for PCBs giving high quality glossy finish
      • Ideal for protecting ferrous metals from corrosion
      • Good resistance to humidity
      • Can be soldered through.
      • No UV trace
      • Also used as a top coat for protecting conductive lacquers
      • RoHS-2 Compliant (2011/65/EU
      • NATO Stock

      LRM: Label Remover

      lrmLabel Remover has been specially formulated for the quick and efficient removal of paper based pressure sensitive adhesive labels. LRM is 100% Ozone Friendly.

      Key Properties:

      • Paper label remover
      • Aerosol with brush enables mechanical scrubbing action to aid removal
      • Handy pen version available
      • Harmless to most plastics

      Ready to place an order?

      Whether ready to order or in need of a quote,
      don't hesitate to contact us.