The New Ensto PolyBox is here!

Ensto PolyBox enclosures are rugged industrial polycarbonate enclosures with unique and innovative features, such as the integral nonmetallic latch and a corner elevator mounting system for adjustable hinged front kits and back panels.

More than a box – all the benefits in one enclosure!

• Light and tough – excellent impact and fire resistance
• Technical features and approval on high level:
– UL 4X & 6P– IP67, IP68 & IP69
• Multiple modification possibilities
– Hinged front kits
– Adjustable corner elevator parts



No compromise on raw-material – in any circumstance!

Polycarbonate is suitable for demanding conditions and outdoor use:
• Polycarbonate is light and tough
• Polycarbonate has excellent impact and fire resistance

• Easily machined with standard tools
• Halogen free UL-listed raw-material


Industry Exclusive Corner Elevator System

Ensto’s industry exclusive corner elevator system uses a slotted shelf technology that provides solid hinged front surfaces that are easy to install, align and keep level. This system also allows for a back panel to be raised off the back of the enclosure.

Integral nonmetallic latch

Our integral nonmetallic latch is a robust pad-lockable latch with only one moving part, providing superior durability and security.

Wide range of enclosures – Contact us for more information!

We offer you high-quality standard and customer-specific nonmetallic enclosures. We also support your operations with high-quality terminals, load-break switches and fuse bases that are designed and tested to meet a wide range of applications in various environments.