Miniature Power Relays

NEXEM (formerly NEC-Tokin) has been supplying Automotive Power Relays for over 25 years, on many Automotive switching applications such as RKE, Power Windows, Memory Seats, Sunroof Control, Shift Transfer, etc. NEC was the first to offer a dual (twin) relay for reversing (H-bridge) motor drive. We offer SPST (1 form A) types for lamps, and SPDT (1 form C) types in single or double packages for motor loads. Automated production yields quality levels under 5 PPM. Pin-in-paste reflowable parts are available.

Features include:

  • Large capacity for high power switching
  • Flux tight housing suitable for automatic soldering dip
  • Semi-customizable for use in all types of circuitry including car electronic systems
  • Washable plactic case (sealed type)
  • Lineup of minature twin relays also available
  • Reflow soldering types available

For further information please call 01555 751566 or email