Front connections grouped individually

Phoenix Contact is expanding the range of connection technologies for electronics housings from the ME-IO series.


Blockbelts, as they are called, are connection pieces which can be clipped onto the connector block. This allows the user to combine up to six front-connection plugs into one unit.


The mechanical grouping makes cabling the I/O unit faster, since connection plugs are now connected and disconnected as a block, rather than individually like they used to be. The grouping also supports the functional design of the finished module, since the same inputs/outputs (for example, digital/analogue) are combined and, that way, can be identified.

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Modular electronics housings as a modular system

Phoenix Contact presents a new series of modular electronics housings for control cabinet applications.

The Industrial Case System (ICS) series includes a wide range of overall widths, heights and depths, as well as the optional TBUS8 eight-position DIN rail connectors for simple module-to-module communication.

Users have flexible options for equipping the housing with various connections, such as RJ45, USB, D-SUB or antenna sockets, enabling the integration of countless functions. Different colours, printings and component versions enable individualized and application-oriented device solutions. PCB connectors and the appropriate headers with a pitch of 5.0 mm round out the range of accessories.

The three- or four-position connectors are designed for currents up to 16 A and voltages up to 300 V and enable simple conductor connection using a screw or Push-in spring connection.

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IMO DIN Rail Terminals

Spring Connection Pluggable Terminal blocks (SCP)

Introducing a totally new innovation in connection technology, the SCP range offers a wide variety of DIN Rail mountable terminals and features socket mounting by way of terminal plugs. Specifically designed to withstand vibration, the SCP offers optional clip locks to maintain connections, yet can be easily removed from the terminals by simply pushing the clip upwards. This along with a host of other thoughtful enhancements such as cable−tie mounts, make the SCP the most advanced range of DIN Rail terminals ever produced by IMO.

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Electronics housings for harsh conditions

Phoenix Contact Environmental Case System (ECS)

The outdoor housings of the Phoenix Contact Environmental Case System (ECS) series are now also available in a more compact design.The shorter installation depth of 109 mm, instead of 169 mm, is especially suitable for space-critical applications that require a high degree of protection.The housings with the IP69 degree of protection reliably protect the integrated electronics from dust, dirt and water, making them particularly suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.For both sizes, Phoenix Contact also offers passive light guides and active signal lights for front assembly. The splash-proof accessories are suitable for single-color and multi-colour indication of operating states and electronics functions. This makes it easier to check the function of and service the robust electronics unit.

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ENSTO POLYBOX (Rugged Industrial Enclosures)

The New Ensto PolyBox is here!

Ensto PolyBox enclosures are rugged industrial polycarbonate enclosures with unique and innovative features, such as the integral nonmetallic latch and a corner elevator mounting system for adjustable hinged front kits and back panels.

More than a box – all the benefits in one enclosure!

• Light and tough – excellent impact and fire resistance
• Technical features and approval on high level:
– UL 4X & 6P– IP67, IP68 & IP69
• Multiple modification possibilities
– Hinged front kits
– Adjustable corner elevator parts



No compromise on raw-material – in any circumstance!

Polycarbonate is suitable for demanding conditions and outdoor use:
• Polycarbonate is light and tough
• Polycarbonate has excellent impact and fire resistance

• Easily machined with standard tools
• Halogen free UL-listed raw-material


Industry Exclusive Corner Elevator System

Ensto’s industry exclusive corner elevator system uses a slotted shelf technology that provides solid hinged front surfaces that are easy to install, align and keep level. This system also allows for a back panel to be raised off the back of the enclosure.

Integral nonmetallic latch

Our integral nonmetallic latch is a robust pad-lockable latch with only one moving part, providing superior durability and security.

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We offer you high-quality standard and customer-specific nonmetallic enclosures. We also support your operations with high-quality terminals, load-break switches and fuse bases that are designed and tested to meet a wide range of applications in various environments.


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