Ø8mm panel mounted LED indicator

  • Bright chrome, black chrome or satin grey bezel finish
  • Prominent, recessed and flush bezel styles
  • 2.8 x 0.8 terminals, pins or flying lead termination
  • Optional sealing to IP67
  • 6Vdc – 220Vac


Voltage Operating Current
12Vdc 20mA
24Vdc 20mA
230Vdc 3mA
Intensity (typical) Prominent & Recessed Flush Forward Voltage
Red 50mcd 10mcd 2.0V
Green 40mcd 8mcd 2.2V
Yellow 40mcd 6mcd 2.1V
Blue 90mcd 4mcd 3.8V
White 150mcd 25mcd 3.8V
Bi-colour (red/green) 20/10mcd 10/8mcd 2.0V/2.2V
Tri-colour (red/green/yellow) 20/10/10mcd 10/8/6mcd 2.0V/2.2V/2.1V
Bi-colour – The colour is changed by reversing the polarity of the supply voltage
Tri-colour – The indicator has red & green LEDs, when both connected yellow is produced
Super Bright Prominent & Recessed Flush Forward Voltage
Red 10,000mcd 600mcd 2.2V
Green 4,500mcd 350mcd 4.0V
Yellow 2,100mcd 140mcd 2.3V
Blue 1,400mcd 200mcd 3.7V
White 2,000mcd 150mcd 3.7V

Operating Temperature                       -40°C to +85°C

Soldering Temperature                         Max 260°C for max 5 seconds


  • Gold faston terminal indicates Anode (+), silver indicates Cathode (-).
  • Standard wire length is 200mm, red wire indicates Anode (+), black wire indicates Cathode (-). For other wire lengths please contact us.
  • For alternative voltages, please contact us.
  • Bi-colour LEDs – by connecting the + one colour is produced, by reversing the supply voltage another is produced. Bi-colours available up to 28VDC.
  • Short body pins and wires only available up to 28VDC.
  • Short body fastons only available without integral resistor (2VDC).
  • Tri-colour LED has re and green LEDs, when both are connected yellow is produced.
  • Standard Tri-colour fastons terminals are two Anodes (+) and one Cathode (-).
  • Tri-colour wires are one red (+) and one green(+) and one black (-) Cathode.
  • Tri-colour pins are centre (-) cathode, shortest (+) anode pin green, longest (+) anode pin red.
  • Tri-colours are only available up to 28VAC/DC.
  • Maximum panel thickness 7mm.
  • We recommend using superbright LEDs for use at 230VAC.