• Vermason offers 2 different designs:
  • L-Shaped PCB Racks

This type of rack is moulded in black conductive polypropylene. The L-shaped design enables the storing of boards approximately 25% longer than their base depth. The bench standing rack models are available in two sizes:

  • 237195: 208mm x 272mm x 93mm
  • 237200: 355mm x 266mm x 128mm
  • Flat PCB Racks

Flat PCB Racks have open carrying handles on each side allowing for racks and boards to be easily transported.

  • Item 237215 is moulded from a carbon black-filled polypropylene compound.

Items 237220, 237225 and 237230 are moulded from a conductive thermoplastic compound based on polypropylene copolymer with carbon black and reinforced with mica flake.

  • 237215: 175mm x 500mm
  • 237220: 215mm x 582mm
  • 237225: 140mm x 465mm, High Temperature
  • 237230: 140mm x 465mm, SMT
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