HanOnBoard is a connector technology from Harting which can replace standard discrete wiring by allowing power I/O connectors to be mounted and connected directly onto the printed circuit board (PCB).

With the HanOnBoard concept, Han connectors are connected to the board via a PCB mounted adapter through which data, signals and power are distributed. This solution eliminates time-consuming and potentially fault-prone wiring and is based on an optimum combination of tried-and-tested Han components, Harting PCB adapters and Harting PCB solutions.

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Because HanOnBoard is compact and weight-saving in use, it offers additional benefits over traditional wiring: printed circuit boards are more resistant to external influences such as shock and vibration compared with discrete wiring, and the total electrical path can be conformally coated to provide enhanced protection. As a result, HanOnBoard solutions lend themselves to the harsh environments found in transport, industrial machinery and automation applications.

In addition to eliminating manual wiring, the use of HanOnBoard will also replace any potential wiring troubleshooting with quick module replacement and will help to avoid service faults.

A PCB with HanOnBoard can replace dozens of power cable interconnections, allowing distribution boxes to be made lighter and more compact. It will also help to reduce production costs through streamlined production processes and less material usage.

A range of different adaptors and Han contacts covering most of the Han range are available in the HanOnBoard range.