Harting Har-Flex THR Variants

In response to market demand for connectors for increasingly smaller, decentralised control and drive technology, Harting has introduced har-flex THR variants designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial conditions. These new connectors also achieve new levels of industrial-grade miniaturisation without decreasing reliability.

Connectors employed in electronics act as an interface between two printed circuit boards and must therefore be able to bear high mechanical stress. This is precisely what Harting has focussed on in the development of the har-flex THR variants. These new connectors provide a miniaturised contact pitch of 1.27mm while also ensuring an extremely stable connection to the PCB.

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THR stands for ‘through hole reflow’ and describes the termination technology using binders attached laterally (soldering studs). This makes them extremely well suited to demanding mechanical applications which previously required larger connectors. SMT signal contacts soldered onto the surface ensure continued flexible separation of the conductor tracks within the circuit board and makes them usable on both sides.

Finally, to help further increase versatility and cost effectiveness, the new har-flex THR variants make use of tape and reel packaging and reflow soldering to allow easy integration into automatic assembly processes.