High current PCB terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact.

Traditionally high current applications use current bars to transmit the power into the device. This method is expensive, requires a lots of parts, and makes for time consuming assembly. It can also make the design of the device bulky and heavy.

Although most applications do not require such high currents on a permanent basis, the ability to handle peak currents of up to 232 amps directly on the PCB is a big advantage for devices such as drives and inverters.

The MKDSP 95 is designed to be wave soldered directly onto a PCB just 2.4mm thick, made possible by the design of the solder pads and in the design of the multilayer PCB. As a result heat dissipation is managed effectively during soldering and during normal operation of the device. Soldering is achieved using a conventional wave solder process.

The MKDSP 95 is designed for voltages up to 1000v (600v UL) and 232 amps. Available in 1 to 5 pole positions on a 20mm pitch and for cable cross sections from 16mm/sq to 95mm/sq. Other features include: integrated testing points; secure PCB fixings; easy conductor connection with a commercially available Torx screwdriver.

The MKDSP range is available for currents from 76 amps to 232 amps to provide a choice of terminals and pitches to suit a wide range of applications.

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