M12 PCB Connectors

Phoenix Contact now offers a full product range of M12 flush-type sockets and plugs with Through Hole Reflow (THR) connections. Both the THR-capable M12 plug connectors and the SMD components can be fitted and soldered onto the PCB using the same method and requirements. The process-optimised geometry along with the automation-oriented, stackable tray packaging ensures a straightforward pick-and-place mounting process.

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The range comprises 4-pin, 5-pin and 8-pin versions. To fulfil Fieldbus specifications, the B- and D-coded contact carriers can now be delivered with shielded contacts. The spring shroud provides a strong and permanent bond between the housing and the PCB.

The M12 cable glands with Speedcon quick connection technology included are connected through the slot in the front of the housing and screwed in place by a counter nut from the inside.