M23 Hybrid Connector

The new M23 Hybrid connector solution from Phoenix Contact offers a new approach to provide signal, data and power to machines with exceptional performance and cost saving potential. With 4 signal, 4 CAT5 data, and 4 power + PE contacts housed in a single connector, the M23 Hybrid enables daisy chain connectivity to decentralise control and reduce device cabling.

M23 Hybrid features include:

  • 4 Signal up to 8A, 50V.
  • 4 Data CAT5 (optional unshielded 4 pole signal insert).
  • 4 Power + PE up to 30A, 850V DC / 630V AC.
  • IP67/69 protection.
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +125°

The product portfolio comprises cable connectors, couplers, straight & angles device connectors, and over moulded cable assembles made to order. The connectors feature SPEEDCON fast connection technology.

The M23 Hybrid offers machine builders and device manufacturers a new solution to reduce cabling and save space on the device and in the cable tray.

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Industrial automation is increasingly reliant on data exchange for a host of applications including efficiency improvements and traceability. Machine builders are in turn looking at ways to improve machine performance and reduce assembly and installation costs.