Quint Power 4

QUINT POWER 4 is the worldwide first fully customisable power supply, which can be ordered as a standard product and is able to be applied in continually evolving customer applications. QUINT POWER is capable of covering increasing customer demands for complex systems that need greater flexibility and have to be brought to market in shorter time.

Special functions for different sectors and applications can be achieved and the power supplies offer all standard functionalities, for use in process industries, machine building or general markets.

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  • So what does the Quint 4 have, that is so out of this world?
  • QUINT POWER and NFC mobile phoneIndividual application specific adjustment / parameterisation via NFC interface, for example to change the output characteristic curve. This provides superior system availability due to the power supply being able to be individually adjusted to the system behaviour.
  • Perfectly tailored to the requirements of the application due to adjustable signalling thresholds (current/voltage/power can be set differently depending on use). This saves time, minimises errors and facilitates customised applications.
  • Bargraph for diagnostics to help in operation and with maintenance.
  • Critical operating states are reported before errors occur. This flexible function is provided by a variety of contact configurations (floating relay contact, digital outputs, analogue output). This means a superior system availability with upgraded preventive function monitoring.
  • Easy system extension due to static power reserve.
  • Safe supply of heavy loads due to dynamic power reserve.
  • SFB technology reliably trips standard circuit breakers magnetically – there is no volt drop and so any parallel loads continue to work.
  • Fuse mode enables concepts without a fuse to save space and effort.
  • Integrated gas filled surge arrester to provide a high degree of immunity to over voltages.

QUINT POWER 4 is the power supply with the highest functionality that you can parameterise to your specific requirements. Signalling, output characteristics and voltage can be adjusted exactly to your application needs – and do not allow any compromise with respect to superior system availability.

The above features and benefits are just some of the many that means the new Quint 4 is a force to be reckoned with!