Raspberry Pi Enclosure

The 1593HAM,is available in translucent blue, grey and black; the enclosure features a stylish rounded design with apertures for all the I/O interfaces and supported accessories. There are no fixings; the Raspberry Pi board clips into the base and, in turn, the top half of the enclosure then clips into the base. A catch secures the assembly and allows the case to be easily opened if required.

All I/O capability is directly accessible without having to modify the enclosure. The camera module can be fitted through a slot in the top, or it can be screwed to the inside of the top cover with a hole provided for the lens. A cut out in the split line between the two halves of the case provides access to the GPIO header. Two USB ports, the RJ45 LAN port, the SD carrier, the audio and video RCA ports, the micro USB power-in connector and a HDMI interface are all accessible through apertures of the correct size and shape in the sides of the enclosure. Two captive slots are moulded into the base to enable the enclosure to be attached to a surface; for stand-alone applications, small feet are also supplied.

Extruded body includes a slide removable “belly” plate – except in smaller “C” & “D” sizes (ie..1455D601, 1455D801, 1455C801 & 1455C1201 sizes)

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