PAA series

The Piezo Audio Amplifiers series are a total solution to drive piezoceramic sound components.  A range of different PCB sizes, amplifier topologies and maximum voltage peak to peak outputs, cover a wide solution to piezo audio amplification.

Piezo audio amplifiers are designed to handle capacitive loads and have the possibility to deliver large voltages peak to peak over the complete audio frequency range.

The PAA-series give a quality amplifier where a quality sound is needed.

 “Piezo Speaker Technology, an answer to your request…”


 Model PAA-LT3469-01 PAA-MAX9788-01 PAA-LM4960SQ-02 PAA-StepUpBTL-01
PCB (mm)  15*15 14*16.5 25*25 40*35
Voltage input (V)  5V 5V 5V 5V – 25V
Max Capacitance Piezo Speaker  250nF 1μF 600nF 1μF
Max Voltage Output (Vpp) 30Vpp 20 Vpp 24Vpp 60Vpp
Voltage Topology integrated step up converter Intergrated step up converter Intergrated step up converter  step up converter
Amplifier classification Class A  Class G  Class AB  Class AB
Amplifier configuration Single ended  Fully differential  Bridge Tied Load  Bridge Tied Load
Average current consumption of speaker and amplifier (mA) 70mA  15mA  85mA  40mA-400mA

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