SAP series

The 1302 series of piezo alarms generate an acoustic intermittent loud tone and are installed at the back of a car, truck, tractor, jeep, golf-trolley or any other vehicle that can move in reverse at any moment, thus alerting people that are approaching the vehicle.

The 1302 series are tested for use in all weather conditions and have a lifetime in continuous use of more than 1000 hours, this unique patented technology is used now for more than  20 years in the most extreme conditions and critical applications. (Nato, Airbus, Volvo, avionics, Bombardier railways, VDO, etc.)

A very low current consumption permits the electrical connection of the alarm to the reversing lights of the vehicle. Installation of the reverse drive piezo alarm is realised in only one hour by anybody and does not require special skills. Adapted mounting for models on request.

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Model Function Frequency(Hz) SPL(dB(A)
SAP-1302-A intermittent 1600 112  (new)
SAP-1302-B intermittent 1600 107  (new)
SAP-1302-C intermittent 1250  97
SAP-1302-D intermittent 2500  87

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SAP1302A SAP1302B SAP1302C SAP1302D