SCS series

Introduced as the first model of Sonitron’s piezoceramic speakers, the SCS-series are still being used for numerous applications.

Good sound quality and limited distortion guarantee a clear reproduction of multiple tones, speech and music.  The piezo speaker has 60 % more net sound output per membrane surface than the electro-dynamic speaker in function of the average current drain and average sound pressure level.


These loudspeakers are extremely reliable, have a robust design and can be used in difficult environmental conditions and applications because of resistance of the front to water, humidity, vibrations and dust.The SCS-speaker can be mounted by soldering the SMD pads onto the PCB.

For a pin-version, the pins can be soldered onto the PCB.  Extra stability against vibration is achieved by screwing the housing onto the application.

 Model Operating


Vac pp

Frequency range


Peak frequency


dB @ 30cm

 SCS-17 5 to 30V 1500 to 1800  

2200: 92dB

5000: 91dB


 SCS-24 5 to 30V 1000 to 8000 800: 68dB

1600: 95dB

4000: 87dB


 SCS-32 5 to 30V 500 to 8000 650: 85dB

2700: 100dB

3700: 88dB

7500: 80dB

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