SMAC series

Piezo acoustic components are more and more used in small portable equipment and as a critical alerting device.  Reliability must be very high in the most difficult environmental circumstances, such as extreme and varying temperatures, vibrations, shocks, dust conditions, humid environment, etc.

The SMAC-25 buzzer, manufactures with over 30 years of experience in the field of piezo acoustic technology, is a very stable buzzer with a lifetime of more than 1.000 hours in continuous use.  In these small dimensions, the SMAC-25 is claimed to be the best available piezo alarm for life supporting systems.

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Model Function Frequency (Hz) SPL(dB(A)
SMAC-25 continuous 3350 93.5
SMACI-25 intermittent (1 Hz) 3350 93.5
SMAC-25L continuous
SMACT-25 Transducer see graph
*pulse rate 1 Hz (+/-15%)


Now available with:
 SMAC Pin + Foampatch  SMAC SMAD  SMAC wires
Pin + Foampatch SMD wires

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