SMAT Series

The SMAT transducers are specifically developed to meet various requirements, such as loud sound pressure level, mounting methods, connection possibilities and dimensions.

The transducers do not have a built-in oscillator.  The drive frequency must be generated with electronics outside the transducers.  Our transducers produce a highly reliable tone signal, giving either an extremely clear and penetrating tone or a soft sound for non-aggressive signals.

They are available in five sizes : 13 mm, 17 mm, 21 mm, 24 mm and 30 mm.


Model Function Frequency (dB(A) SPL (Hz)
SMAT-13 transducer see graph
SMAT-17 transducer see graph
SMAT-21 transducer see graph
SMAT-24 transducer see graph
SMAT-30 transducer see graph



Appnote SMAT series and MAS6240