SPS series

The described models are released for applications such as mobile phone, PDA, flat LCD computer screens and computer monitors, consumer products, car audio, instrumentation, portable devices, public address systems, paging systems, etc.

Model Operating


(Vac pp)




Max. SPL

dB @ 1m,average

4 points

SPS-2220-03 1 to 24 700-20000 85
SPS-3530-03 5 to 60 700-20000 81
SPS-4640-03 5 to 60 400-20000 83
SPS-6555-03 5 to 60 300-20000 83
SPS-8770-03 5 to 60 200-20000 84

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Sonitron Polymer/metal Speakers (SPS)  produce high sound quality with low distortion and guarantee perfect reproduction of music and speech.

They have a very flat design and are delivered with an open front. They can be used in difficult environmental conditions and applications because of resistance of the front to water, humidity, vibrations and dust.

Piezoceramic speakers feature a low weight and low energy consumption relative to their sound output levels. They do not generate an electromagnetic field, making it easier for designers to ensure that their products meet EMC requirements and regulations.

“Piezo Speaker Technology, an answer to your request…”