SRA Standard Series

Sonitron Robust Application standard series are an important extension of the Standard series.

A superior Life Time has been obtained with a very large DC voltage range from 5Vdc up to 80Vdc.

Equipped with 16 AWG wires this buzzer can be used in any harsh industrial environment.

Sonitron expanded with this series a wide application field and strong reliability, especially recommended in critical applications and life support systems.

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Model Function  





Frequency Pulse Rate


SRA 80C A Contin. 5V 80V 2500 93
SRA 80I A1 Intermit. 5V 80V 2500 1 92
SRA 80I A5 Intermit. 5V 80V 2500 5 92
SRA 80C B Contin. 5V 80V 3500 95
SRA 80I B1 Intermit. 5V 80V 3500 1 94
SRA 80I B5 Intermit. 5V 80V 3500 5 94

*Measurements @ 1m@12Vdc