SPS Series

  • Very flat and solid construction
  • Dust, water and shockproof
  • Resistant to temperature variations
  • Broad frequency range in small size
  • Combined use as a speaker/micro
  • No electro-magnetic field (EMC)
  • Little energy required at low frequencies
  • Less current consumption needed in the leads to the speaker
  • 60% higher acoustic output for smaller speakers compared to electrodynamic speakers
  • Low weight
  • Low distortion
  • High Impedence
  • Can be driven directly by IC
SPS Series
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Sonitron Polymer/metal Speakers (SPS) produce high sound quality with low distortion and guarantee perfect reproduction of music and speech.

They have a very flat design and are delivered with an open front. They can be used in difficult environmental conditions and applications because of resistance of the front to water, humidity, vibrations and dust.

Piezoceramic speakers feature a low weight and low energy consumption relative to their sound output levels. They do not generate an electromagnetic field, making it easier for designers to ensure that their products meet EMC requirements and regulations.