WT 1 AND WT 1H Solder Stations

  • These next-generation, one-channel soldering stations aim to please.The detailed LC display
  • enables an unprecedented overview of all functions, quick and easy to reach via the new
  • user-friendly menu button. The lightning-quick change process of the heating element during
  • operation allows efficient working with several different tip types in quick succession.
  • If you need even more performance than 90 W, then the smart solution is the higher-powered
  • WT 1H, at 150 W.
  • Front-mounted Mains Switch- The front-mounted mains switch ensures easy access at all times.

Multi-functional LC Display- Unique LC display with a detailed overview of all functions. Adjustable background illumination. Power bar graph allows visual monitoring of the easily-readable output power from the station to the soldering iron tip.

New Menu Button- Provides the ultimate user friendly access to and navigation of the menu structure.

2-in-1 WSR Safety Rest- The soldering iron holder can be rotated through 180 °. The user can choose between wet and dry cleaning.

New Soldering Pencil- The new, high-performance WTP 90 soldering pencil features a system to quickly and easily switch out the heating element while the iron is hot, or simply change the tip.

Stackable Units- The WT 1 / WT 1H soldering stations can be stacked on the WTHA 1 hot air station, or on each other, saving space on the workbench.

High Performance- The WT soldering stations are available in two designs: 90 W and 150 W power units with 1 channel.

Backwards Compatibility- All soldering irons of the WSD and WD soldering stations can be connected. (Except micro soldering irons)

WT1 Operating Instructions
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