WTHA 1 Hot air station

Multi-function LCD Screen- Unique LC display with a detailed overview of all functions. Adjustable background illumination. power bar graph allows visual monitoring of the output power from the station to the hot air pencil.

New Menu Button- Provides the ultimate user friendly access to and navigation of the menu structure.

Stackable Units- The WT 1 / WT 1H soldering stations can be stacked on the WTHA 1 hot air station saving space on the workbench.

5 Pre-Sets / Temperature Profile- Up to 5 pre-sets are available to define volume, temperature and time settings. With the profile mode activated, the pre-sets can be run in a selected sequential order.

  • New Control System- Tandem control with a dual sensor system for twice the performance.
  • High Power- 900 Watts, with up to 100 l / min expanded hot air.
  • Finger Switch- Activation finger switch located on the ergonomic hand grip.
  • Flexible Silicone Hose- 90 cm long, flexible, heat-resistant
WTHA Operating Instructions
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