Zero Smog 2 Fume Extraction Unit

The new WellerFT Zero Smog 2 unit has a suction volume capacity of 190 m3/h due to its 3000 Pa of extraction power –

even with a used filter in place. This performance increase comes from its high quality, reliable long life maintenance

free brushless EC blower. Used in combination with the flexible and adjustable Easy-Click 60 arm system the Zero Smog 2 unit

  • is the perfect solution for smaller, cost-conscious soldering applications on 1-2 work benches.
  • It has easy installation and is ready to use in less than 4 minutes.

The Weller WFE 2ES fume extraction unit has been phased out and the replacement Zero Smog 2 fume extraction unit is easy to install and operate. It is designed as a small, economical central system for two workplaces.

  • The Zero Smog 2 is available in 3 standard kit versions
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