Protection for linear DC current sources

Protect any DC current source with a linear operating characteristic with Valvetrab SEC DC surge protective devices.

The Valvetrab SEC DC surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact are suitable for all typical DC current sources with a linear operating characteristic. The product family includes products with 2+F switching. The integrated gas discharge tube eliminates leakage currents for these arresters to ground, so they are ideal for use in isolating systems.

High performance and durability are just two of the many advantages. The devices have a DC disconnect device and visual/mechanical indicator in each plug. They can be used without a backup fuse for up to 200 A. The surge protective device trips only in case of overload. The safe disconnect prevents potential fire damage.

The entire product family also includes a floating remote indication contact for remote monitoring and an electrical test of each individual plug with the Checkmaster 2. An integrated code ensures greater security and prevents different plugs from being swapped by mistake.