Qualitek has developed several types of high-performance Delta Soldering Products, suitable for printing, dispensing and package-on-package assembly.

Qualitek Soldering Flux

Qualitek offers competitive, state-of-the-art wave solder fluxes for the electronics industry. Qualitek fluxes are manufactured for lead and lead-free processes that include no-clean, VOC-Free, water-soluble and rosin based types. Liquid Fluxes are available in 1, 5 gallon containers and 55 gallon drums.

Alcohol-Based No-Clean
Flux Features S.G.@25°C % Solids Acid No. J-STD-004B Thinner
302 No-Clean, Halogen-Free flux with very low solids, may be used for LEADED and LEAD-FREE applications for a broader process window., Best Seller 0.800 2.3 20 ORL0 300A
302+ No-Clean, Halogen-Free flux with low solids.  Slightly higher solids lead to increased activity.  May be used with LEADED and LEAD-FREE applications. 0.804 3.0 29 ORL0 300A
305 No-Clean, Rosin-based, Halogen-Free flux designed for single and double sided plated through hole boards. Recommended for leaded solder systems. 0.795 5.0 25 ROL0 300A
351 No-Clean, Halogen-Free, non-rosin flux with low solids.  Leaves minimal residue.  Recommended for use with LEADED systems. 0.805 2.2 15 ORL0 300A
360 No-Clean, Zero halogen, Heat stable flux with a unique solvent system.  May be used LEADED and LEAD-FREE systems. 0.813 2.5 16 ORL0 300B
355-35 No-Clean, Halide-Free flux, designed for LEAD-FREE solder systems. Exhibits high activity. 1.02 7.5 40 ORL0 300A
380 No-Clean, Rosin-based flux leads to higher activity.         Recommended for LEADED wave applications. 0.793 3.3 18.2 ROL0 300A
381 No-Clean, Low solids flux compatible with both LEADED and LEAD-FREE systems that eliminates skips and shorts often experienced with wave assembly. 0.800 3.7 23 ROL0 300A
391S No-Clean Halogen-Free flux in which virtually no residue remains on the assembly after soldering.  Use with LEADED systems. 0.798 2.0 18 ORL0 300A
392-35 No-Clean, Halogen-Free, low solids organic flux with no surface insulation resistance degradation. Produces bright, lustrous solder joints.  Designed for LEAD-FREE applications. 0.811 4.0 45 ORL0 300A
Alcohol-Based Water-Soluable
Flux Features S.G.@25°C % Solids pH % Halides J-STD-004B Thinner
713N Water-Soluble, highly active organic flux designed for complete water solubility of post-soldering residues.  Designed for LEADED systems. 0.888 3.75 1.9 ORH1 700T
714N Water-Soluble, non-spattering formulation designed for high speed soldering operations.  Designed for LEADED systems. 0.842 8.0 1.9 ORH1 700T
735-11 Water-Soluble flux designed for automated soldering operations where rosin fluxes are not sufficiently active and inorganic fluxes are too corrosive.  Designed for LEADED wave systems. 0.950 16 2.0 3.0 ORH1 700T
737N Water-Soluble, very active, robust flux with neutral pH that can be used with LEADED or LEAD-FREE solder systems.  Best Seller 0.846 17.5 7.3 2.2 ORH1 700T
775 Water-Soluble flux designed specifically for high speed LEADED wave soldering applications and water cleaning systems. 0.873 3.2 1.9 ORM1 700T
VOC-Free Fluxes (Non-Flammable For Both Leaded And Lead-Free Systems)
Flux Features S.G.@25°C % Solids Acid No. pH % Halides J-STD-004B
350NVOC No-Clean, VOC-Free, water-based, flux designed for mass soldering, Foaming version available. 1.01 4.3 20 ORL0
355NVOC No-Clean, VOC-Free flux is a pin testable formula that remains active after chip wave eliminating solder ball formation. 1.02 5.3 34 ORL0
357NVOC No-Clean, VOC-Free flux with lowest amount of solids leaving virtually no residue. 1.01 1.5 22 ORL0
358NVOC No-Clean, VOC-Free, high reliability flux contains higher solids that increase flux activity. 1.02 8.0 55 ORL0
735VF Water-Soluble, VOC-Free flux that contains a unique activator that promotes wetting on a variety of metallic substrates, Foaming version available. 1.05 16.5 2.1 3.0 ORH1
737NVF Water Soluble, VOC-Free version of 737N flux so has a neutral pH and formulated to be effective over a broad preheat range. 1.02 12 7.2 2.2 ORH1
Rosin Fluxes (Designed For Leaded Applications)
Flux Features S.G.@25°C % Solids J-STD-004B Thinner
125 Non-activated flux containing 25% pure white gum rosin. 0.844 25 ROL0 100T
285 Rosin Mildly Activated flux with activities close to that of a fully activated rosin flux. 0.875 36 ROL1 200T
285-25 Rosin Mildly Activated flux with only 25% solids. 0.842 25 ROL1 200T
515 Rosin Activated flux with excellent foaming characteristics. 0.823 19.5 ROM1 500T
525MIL Rosin Activated flux designed for wave applications where cleanliness exceeds military specification requirements. 0.837 25 ROM1 500T
535MIL Rosin Activated flux ideal for wave soldering containing 35% solids. 0.856 35 ROM1 500T
545 Best-selling Rosin Activated flux with superior fluxing and foaming properties. 0.923 50 ROM1 500T
Lead-Tinning Fluxes
Flux Features S.G.@25°C % Solids pH J-STD-004B Thinner
813 Halogen-Free flux best for foaming applications. 0.870 16 2.8 ORM0 800T
814 Halogen-Free flux excellent for lead tinning applications. 0.942 23 3.0 ORM0 800T
820 Halogen-Free, organic flux with higher solids to increase activity. 0.865 27 8.3 ORM0 800T
830VHF VOC-Free, Halogen-Free flux with excellent residue cleanability. 1.05 17 2.75 ORM0

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