SIM Mini Solar Isolator

IMO’s heritage of manufacturing TRUE DC solar isolators is unrivalled. Our market-leading SI range has surpassed 3.5 million field installed units worldwide, with ZERO reported electrical failures. As an evolution of the DC Isolator product range, we have now manufactured a compact version with a 35% reduction in cubic volume, we like to call the SIM Mini Solar Isolator.

Based on the supremely successful SI series design, we have created a smaller, more compact switch that not only has improved switching capacity, but also offers extended mounting options. These enhanced attributes accompany the already high standard of features which include guaranteed electrical arc suppression (3ms typical), knife-edge contacts which increase reliability and prolong electrical ife, and our operator independent switching mechanism.

The entire SI range was specifically developed for arduous DC disconnect applications, and are used by many of the world’s largest Solar Inverter manufacturers, and with the 35% reduction in size, the SIM series is the ideal next generation choice for OEM’s globally.

Constructed from high quality materials and utilising the latest technologies to bring to you a best in class performance product, IMO’s SIM series is robust and reliable, continuing the IMO TRUE DC legacy. As with the SI series, the SIM solar isolator carries all the approvals you would expect from a market-leading product, including IEC (60947-3), VDE (0660) and UL508i (E359344).

With 14 different mounting types created to meet the demands of integrating into new and existing applications, the SIM is the entire DC isolation package for safety, reliability, flexibility and quality.