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Fume Extraction

Why fume extraction?

Many work environments today, including soldering and adhesives applications, create particles and gases that can be harmful to the work place and environment. To protect the operator, it is important to use an extraction system that is able to separate these particles and gases and then re-circulates the cleaned air back into the work place.

Weller systems are specifically designed for continuous operation in industrial environments. Care and attention at the design stage plus careful component choice and a high-quality manufacturing process have given Weller extraction systems a worldwide reputation for reliability and longevity.

Volume extraction

More suitable for applications involving, for example hand soldering, solder baths, hot-air soldering, microsoldering as well as gluing and cleaning work. Weller offers various mobile systems that purify the air for up to 8 workstations.


  • Large areas can be covered
  • Low maintenance
  • Economic for 1 to 8 workstations
  • Extraction cabinets
  • Remote control
Below is a small selection of the range available
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Zero Smog ZSEL


  • Fume extraction unit for 1 to 2 workplaces.
  • Fine dust pre-filter M5 that can be separately changed, without having to change main filter.
  • Granular activated carbon filter for effective gas filtering.
  • Portable fume extraction unit, for placement under or next to the bench-top.
  • Easy filter change.
  • Exceptionally large HEPA H13 filter surface 2.4m² for longer filter lifetime.
  • 4-speed speed setting and power regulation.
  • Filter monitoring and filter alarm ensure timely filter change.
  • Exceptionally long service life due to maintenance free brushless EC turbine.
Technical Data
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 335 x 360 x 445
Dimensions W x D x H (inch) 13.19 x 14.17 x 17.52
Voltage 220-240 V (50/60 Hz)
Heating output 120 VA
Noise level (distance 1 m) dB(A) < 53
Weight (ca) in kg 8.6
Max. capacity 1-2 workplaces
Pre filter Pre-filter mat class M5
Compact filter Particle filter H13, and granular activated carbon filter
Capacity m³/h 150
WX compatible Yes
Fuse 1,25A
Max Turbine Vacuum (Pa) 2500

Zero Smog TL with Gas Filter


  • Low noise levels
  • Automated filter change notification system
  • Easily operated
  • Longer service life due to exceptionally large filter surface
  • Easy filter replacement
Technical Data
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 355 x 333 x 455
Dimensions W x D x H (inch) 13.976 x 13.110 x 17.913
Voltage 220-240 V (50/60 Hz)
Heating output 120 W
Weight (ca) in kg 9
Max. capacity 1-2 workplaces
Max Turbine Vacuum (Pa) 3.000
Pre filter Fine dust prefilter F7
Compact filter Gas Filter (50% Active Carbon, 50% Chemisorb)
Capacity m³/h 190
WX compatible Yes
Fuse T1,25A
WT compatible Yes

Zero Smog 6V

The fume extraction system Zero Smog 6V (ZS 6V) is user-friendly with quick and simple installation and filter exchange. It has a low noise emission level and is small and convenient to locate within the work area. The high quality components used in the ZS 6V result in low servicing requirements and long system life. To increase filter lifetime and save on energy, the ZS 6V is fitted with an constant flow control (CFC)—depending on the number of connected workplaces. To extend the capacity an external pre-filter can be fixed directly to the ZS 6V.


  • Electronic filter control with optical and acoustical filter alarm.
  • Unit purifies air at up to 8 workplaces.
  • Fume extraction Zero Smog 6V.
  • Efficiency test via USB port.
  • 4 wheels to allow easy movement of the unit.
  • Remote control via RS 232 port.
  • Low noise level.
  • The Constant Flow Control (CFC) guarantees optimal air flow regulation for each working place independent of the connected workplaces.
Technical Data
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 460 x 460 x 665
Dimensions W x D x H (inch) 18,11 x 18,11 x 26,18
Voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz (120 V, 60 Hz)
Noise level (distance 1 m) dB(A) < 51
Heating output 460 VA
Fuse T3, 15A
USB interface Yes
WX compatible Yes
Weight (ca) in kg 40
ESD-safe Yes
Max. capacity 1-8 workplaces
USB The USB port can be used to load firmware updates, run efficiency tests and log data. Do not leave the USB medium inserted for longer than 2 minutes. After this time expires, the USB module will switch off automatically.
Interface RS232 (Remote control) All system functions can be operated and remotely monitored via the RS232 port.
Pre filter Pre filter mat class F7
Compact filter

Particle filter H13, Wide band gas filter (50 % Active carbon / 50 % Chemisorb)

Max Turbine Vacuum (Pa) 3.000
Capacity m³/h 615
WT compatible Yes

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