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Soldering Irons and Safety Rests

Weller soldering irons and safety rests are perfectly matched to guarantee optimum performance of the tools. The safe option for putting down the soldering iron protects against damage and increases the service life of the tools.


The ergonomic design and outstanding performance capacity of Weller soldering irons makes them versatile and able to be used for everything from the smallest soldering points to work with the highest heat requirements.


Weller soldering irons provide the highest precision with the shortest warm up time.


Quick and easy tip change without any extra tools.

Below is a small selection of the range available
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WP 65 Set


  • WP 65 iron—
    Small fast soldering iron with 65W, 24V. Qualified for fine solder jobs with high heating demand.
  • WDH 10 Safety rest with dry cleaner.
  • XNT A soldering tip chisel 1.6 x 0.4mm.

WXP 120 Set


  • WXP 120 iron—
    Allrounder with 120W, 24V with power-response heating technology for soldering applications from small to large components with high temperature demand.
  • WDH 10 Safety rest with dry cleaner.
  • XT B soldering tip chisel 2.4mm diameter.

WSP 150 Set


  • WSP 150 iron—
    150W, 24V with silver-line heating technology, ideal for applications with a high temperature demand.
  • WDH 30 Safety rest with dry cleaner.
  • LHT F soldering tip chisel 9.3 x 1.8mm.

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